Dulux Weathershield

Made in Ireland , For Irish Weather

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Unpredictable weather demands more from exterior paint. That’s why Dulux Weathershield is the most trusted choice for Irish homes.

Help Choosing Your Colour

When choosing colours, it’s important to understand that shades will also affect the appearance of your home. Light and muted shades will make your house seem larger, whereas darker tones will make your home seem smaller. Dark shades on trim, however, provide a pleasant contrast and draw attention to detail. Painting the window reveals in the same colour of the windows will give the impression that your windows are bigger.

Our full Weathershield exterior paint colour range includes muted shades, which are very well suited to our grey Irish light.

While it may seem strange at first, you want your houses outside to match and harmonise with the inside. By doing this, you give your home a more welcoming, warm feeling. Your interior paint and the colour of your furnishings should always play a role in the decision-making regarding the exterior of your home, just as your exterior should have a degree of influence over the inside.

Finally, have fun with choosing your colours, but be sure that your colours complement one another and that they are not too busy or distracting.

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