Dulux Academy Live – Online Booking Form – MODA

This session will be hosted by the Decorating Duo that lead our Dulux Academy. Derek Keyes is a veteran in the Industry and is the technical expert in the team. He is passionate about product and welcomes a chance to listen to your views and chat about what Moda can deliver for you and your client. Cora will help you discover the palettes and how to use these to answer colour questions for your client.

Why are we talking about MODA?

The story and mood of  MODA has evolved and is being reenergised by the creation of 5 new palettes underpinned by seven new colours to create this newly revised capsule collections which also heroes cult colours that continue to resonate with consumers.

The magic of MODA is the fusion of science and beauty. From a scientific point of view it’s difficult to have durability while delivering on a silk smooth finish. The application is what’s attractive and the finish is what lasts. The enrichment of the formula through specially blended clays from Cornwall and the creation of the palette of colours which amplifies the feel of an interior stylist will help you with your client’s needs.

The capsules in themselves create a colour palette which will work outside of paint and can help your client to use this as a colour scheme for their entire room or rooms by using colours for accessories, furnishings and beyond.

Join us for a deep dive into MODA and we will share the new colours and the why behind them so that you can share with your client which will help transform their spaces. We will also chat about the formula and invite you to chat about your experiences using the product.