Dulux Trade Water-based Range

DuluxTrade_QuickDryX3_web400x287Quick Dry Interior Range for a professional finish for interior wood & metal surfaces. 

Quick Dry Satinwood

Quick Dry Satinwood Key Benefits:

• Excellent satin finish

• Advanced 100% water based technology

• Great flow and levelling

• Coverage: up to 12m2 per litre




C- DT Quick Dry Gloss White 2.5L


Quick Dry Gloss Key Benefits:

• High Gloss finish

• Longer lasting whiteness (non-yellowing)

• Great flow and levelling

• Duarable to knocks

• Coverage: up to 12m2 per litre



L - DT Quick Dry Unvercoat White 5L

Quick Dry Undercoat Key Benefits:

• Advanced 100% waterbased technology

• Great flow and levelling

• Durable to knocks

• Coverage: up to 10m2 per litre





The secret to Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood is our exclusive Cross Linking Technology, involving a unique form of latex that binds and cross links the paint as it dries, for extra toughness and durability.


The new Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood. A water-based product with a new technology which means you get an excellent flow, great adhesion and a smooth finish.

Key Benefits:

A stunning DIAMOND-tough satin finish.

Resists everyday scruffs and knocks.

Suitable for wood and metal surfaces.

Resistant to human grease which breaks down the surface of paints.

100% waterbased technology.

*Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood not included in Double Points for 1 October 2019-31st December 2019