Dulux Academy Live – Online Booking Form – Specialist Protection Coatings Products

Dulux’ Inventive Scientists have created a comprehensive range of paint systems that you are using every day. Some of which do more than others…. During this Academy Live Session we want to talk about some of our hard-working products that you should find helpful.

Join us for a 40-minute Academy Session where we will take you through our broad-spectrum specialist protection coatings products. We will share the benefits and give you an understanding on  how these specialist coatings can work for your projects – Sterishield, Mouldshield & Cladshield, Metalshield

The shield range are for when you need an expert product. During this short session, you will discover why these products are specified and the appropriate application techniques used to deliver the right performance. We are sharing examples from fellow decorators throughout the course to show you local real examples of where and how these products have been used. You may also have your own examples to share? If so let us know when filling out the form below …..

We are also invested in the future like you and sustainability for us means meeting our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We will share how we are working through a green lense to help you to deliver on commercial projects that require a sustainable solution. We want to share pioneering examples of good green choices and habits so that we all safeguard our communities on an ongoing basis.

We want to help you preserve and protect buildings

We want to use a product that’s durable, coats surfaces that is a true reflection of  your craftmanship

We want to use colour to positively change spaces

We want to paint and ensure you know what products can help you during difficult projects so that you can specify accurately

Join us on a journey to uncover more about our ‘shield’ range

Hosted by Derek – Our resident paint expert. Derek is a veteran in our business and has been working his entire career in the industry. Derek is a passionate expert and is an Academy lead with a special interest in the technical side of our products. He is a solutions specifier, an encyclopedia of product components, and specification systems. He is a key educator.  Derek is also here as a contact to help you as part of your Dulux network if you have any queries or conundrums that need to be solved.

Join us to learn more on any of the dates below: 22nd Sept @ 7pm OR 23th Sept @ 7pm