Helpful tips to transform your customers home this summer

We asked our Dulux Ireland Colour Hero, Holly Bryan, for some helpful tips to transform your customers home this summer, she's also shared some useful answers to common client questions!

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I want to move from magnolia but want my room to stay as bright?

Every one of the colours in our fan deck is measured in our laboratory  in order to confirm its light reflectance value (LRV).  The LRV is shown within the colour code in the fan deck.


This is the second part of the notation system, it is a two-digit number between 00 and 99 and is used to describe how dark or light a colour is (it is actually a measure of how much light is reflected by a surface of that colour).




This means that vastly different colours can reflect the same amount of light. This will help you to make clients aware that it is not necessary to stay within a muted colour range if they are concerned about light.


TOP TIP - Creating A 5 Colour Pallet

A quick guide to colour scheming with confidence.


This can be used to provide a colour scheme to a client for just one room or for an entire house.  On an entire house it provides continuity between rooms which elevates the look of any space. 

1. Choose a white or a pale neutral  •LRV over 80% for cabinets, doors and frames.

2. Choose a neutral  •LRV over 60% this is the main wall colour.

3. Choose a darker shade of colour 2. •This is great for feature walls plus possibly cabinets and doors.

4. Now, add a colour •This is the additional feature wall colour and can be used for soft furnishings.

5. Add another (something vivid and bright) • This colour may never go on the wall but will be useful for your client when shopping for the soft furnishings to complete the look easily as it has been chosen in advance to compliment the paint.

I’m painting my kitchen cabinets what colour should I choose?

Cabinets are re-painted less often than walls as you know! So If your client doesn’t have a colour that they love in mind and want to be cautious, then suggest looking at a warm white with neutral undertones. This will match any future wall colours. Ivory white in Dulux Satinwood is a great option. Meaning your client can still be bold with their wall colour choices!

If your customer would like a complementary colour scheme or if you want to get further tips on helping clients choose colours along with information our product ranges, contact us today on to book a consultation or call us on 01 455 6099 to find out who is in your area next.